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Gymboree Classes

Curious, has anyone ever taken a Gymboree class? I'm thinking of enrolling and just wondering what others experiences have been.

Entertaining a 6 Month Old

My son is 6 months old and is now eliminating a lot of his regular map times. So I have about 4 hours of awake time to fill! :)

Does anyone have any fun ideas for games, songs, anything that a 6 month old might enjoy?

Thank you for your suggestions!

Vacuum Suggestions

My trusty old Hoover canister vacuum needs to go. It is 12 years old and is duct taped together in more than one spot.

Can any of you tell me what you would suggest getting. I have a few carpets, but mostly I use it for bare hardwood floors and a bit of linoleum. I'm thinking thatI should go for another canister vacuum because of all the bare floors. I would love to get a Dyson, but can't afford to spend that much.

Any suggestions of what works well for you, or models I should avoid? Anyone see any good sales on vacuums lately? We are just starting to look this weekend after I realized that its taking me twice as long to clean the floors because I have to keep going over the same spot to get the dirt. Imagine all the free time I'll have when I get a new vacuum. ;)

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments!

Sleep advice for 2 month old

Quick update first: Not sure if you remember a quetsion regarding a mucus plug coming out and wondering how fast labour could start? Well, I went into labour the next day! My water boker, so it was really easy to determine. :)

Anyway, I now have a 2 month old son who I am trying to get to sleep through the night - or most of it anyway. We're on the E.A.S.Y. routine of eat, activity, sleep, and you. So we are basically feeding every 3 hours pretty well on the 3's (9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, etc). letting him just sleep and wake on his own between midnight and 6am. He seems to be waking however around 3am for a feeding. I'd love to start getting him so that he doesn't need that 3am feeding.

Any advice on how to help a 2 month old sleep through the night? Or is this too soon?

Mucus Plug

Has anyone else lost their mucus plug? I think I "lost" mine over the weekend, but not sure... clear and kinda wiggly like Jello with some other leakage as well throughout the day. Just wondering if that was the mucus plug as I haven't had any bloody show? Also, I know that it doesn't necessarily mean I'm in labour, but doesn't it mean it could happen in a matter of days or a few weeks? I also tested postive for group B strep - I don't need to worry abotu losing the plug and not going to the hospital right? Only the water breaking?

Medela Pump and Bottles

Does anyone have any experience with the Medela breast pumps? I've heard that you can use Gerber bottles to attach to the pump to collect the milk, but there's SO many different kinds of Gerber bottles, I wasn't sure if I could use any type of Gerber bottle or if it had to be a specific kind. Anyone have any idea?


I'm not sure this is allowed but there is a new forum called www.coffeetalkforums.com and there is a family area. It is still growing, there is only 150 members, but alot of people are posting in the family area~!
Just wanted to share it in case anyone wanted to check out a public message board :)

Kids left alone in freezing car

I feel sick after reading this story in the Ottawa Sun this morning. What kind of parents would think its okay to leave a toddler and an infant in a van on a cold day?  It was cold here in Ottawa yesterday.  We just had our first big winter storm and we have all started to really bundle up when going outside.  They don't know how long these kids had been in the van before they were found be a bylaw officer.  He found them at 11:20am.  The parents didn't return to find police waiting for them until 12:30pm.  They had their kids back by 2:30pm, after picking them up at CHEO, and asked to be left alone.  The local media outlets blurred their faces.  I think they should have shown who they were so that everyone would know what kind of people they are.  The kids were okay, but it must have been traumatizing for them to be sitting in there so long, have the police break a window to get them and then be taken to CHEO to get checked out.  CAS investigated and no charges were laid, other than a parking ticket.  I find the whole story sickening.  I have a 5 year old and 16 month old.  Its not easy taking them everywhere with me, but I would never, ever leave them in the car to freeze!  I hope that CAS follows up with this family to make sure the kids are really okay and that this was an isolated incident.  

Vax question

We live in one of the Ontario cities that is experiencing a shortage of family doctors. My daughter has a paediatrician in a town a few hours away, and we haven't been able to get a hold of this doctor for several months. It doesn't bother me to miss well-baby appointments, because I know my daughter is healthy, but I would like to have her next round of vaxes administered.

Where else can you get the routine childhood immunizations done, other than at a family doctor or paediatrician?

BPA Free Bottles

has anyone found a store that sells glass baby bottles or a website that sells them? An article came out in my hometown paper last week about the dangers of bottles that are made with plastics that have BPA in them. Avent was one of the worst kinds to have (and I love my pump sooo much! CRAP!!!!) and I've since recycled all of my bottles and have bought my daughter two new sippies.

I know, if you actually read the instructions on your baby bottles, and follow them, you are supposed to replace the whole bottle after at most, 3 months, or if they get scratched. But I also know if you actually read the diaper packages, you are actually supposed to remove "soil" from the disposable diapers before throwing them away too, and who does THAT??? (honestly, anyone do that? I have a couple of times, but I'm talking less than 5 times in two years worth of diapers...)

Anyway, for this new baby I'm looking into glass (which, and please correct me if you have other information, but I really dont' know much about it) but if you heat milk in a glass bottle, apparently the glass can make the proteins in the milk stick to it, and then the baby doesn't get as many. So, glass isn't perfect either. Besides that, it's heavy! So, I may be sticking with BPA free plastic.

I found a few links yesterday that I'm posting below that lists out BPA free sippys and bottles. Hopefully they help those who haven't bought a whole lot of bottles yet! (It also lists out the issue with BPA, if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

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